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Case Study

Margôt Adam, B.A. Hons
Financial Advisor
President, Moneystrat Insurance Management Inc.

"Families have emotional issues around money, schools don't teach money management effectively, and there's a lot of media misinformation about personal finance. It seems that many people have a tendency to manage their money with more emotion than knowledge. That's why education is always part of my planning process. I enjoy talking with my clients, expanding their knowledge of financial concepts and products so that they feel more confident, and make better decisions. A large part of my job is to act as a coach, helping my clients do the right things so they can reach their financial goals"

Margôt joined Moneystrat in 1997, making the move from a corporate career in Marketing, to that of financial advisor. Margôt is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and obtained the Certified Financial Planner® designation in 2003, which she held until March 2017. Her marketing career provided her with expert skills in strategy development, budgeting, project management and communications, all of which benefit her clients and make her an effective financial planner.

Margôt also holds a permanent life and disability insurance licence.


"I've known Margôt a long time, and have been impressed by her commitment to work, so I trust her to always do the best job for me. Would I recommend her? Absolutely!"
- David A Smith, Mortgage Broker

"I wanted someone I could trust to handle my financial affairs. Margôt understands my needs, gives sound advice and takes time to explain her recommendations. I always recommend her to friends and associates."
- Kathryn Wise, Kate Wise Consulting Inc.

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