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Case Study:

Planning your Family's Security

Margôt Adam
John and Marie Kasun, a young couple with 2 young children, had recently bought their first home. John had just started a business and Marie worked from home and earned a significant self-employed income but they had no insurance - health, disability or life. Moneystrat Insurance Management Inc.'s Margôt Adam helped the couple determine that they both needed term life insurance of $750,000 for income replacement.

They were skeptical at first, as it seemed like a large amount. Margôt explained that the life insurance benefits would allow the survivor to maintain the family lifestyle, eliminate the mortgage on their home, cover increased child-care costs, educate the children, and still leave enough for investments and emergencies. They decided to purchase the term insurance policy.

Sadly, 3 years later Marie was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. She died a few months later. As tragic as this event was, Margôt's recommendations ensured the family would have financial stability through a very difficult time.

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