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Case Study:

Planning your Family's Security

David J. Brodigan
Helen and Donald Easter came to us in 1981 with a complex set of requirements. The couple wanted a monthly income from their investments upon retirement until both had moved on but also wanted to leave something for their two daughters and for their grandchildren. Moneystrat Securities Inc.'s David Brodigan helped review the potential scenarios they needed to consider. Such scenarios included the possibility of one of the spouses passing away earlier than expected, or one of the spouses having to enter a long term care facility with significantly higher monthly expenses than the original plan provided among other details.

The plan started with an initial investment of $100,000 in 1981. It provided monthly income indexed to inflation for the entire retirement period of the couple. In total they received retirement income of over $284,439. The two daughters then received an inheritance of $159,726 each.

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